Here is a great-playing Mark VI alto saxophone, serial number 201501, dating its manufacture to 1972.  We have gone over this
horn in our shop and it is ready to play.  We completely dis-assembled it, cleaned it, replaced any loose corks (including a new
neck cork), and straightened any binding or bent keys.  We then re-assembled it, lubricating the mechanism, re-seating all the
pads and regulating the action.  It is a real player's horn.  Super fast response in all registers.  Rich, complex tone quality.  
Even scale from top to bottom.  Huge dynamic range.  Everything you'd expect in a classic Mark VI saxophone.

This horn has about 80% of its original lacquer intact, with the majority of wear on the key touches and the key cups.  There is
light scratching throughout, in the usual places, mostly on the chair side of the horn.  A few pea-sized dings, mostly on the
lower bow area.  Evidence of a dent being professionally removed on the body tube, opposite the side Bb.  No crease or "pull
down" on the neck, though there is a pea-sized  ding near the octave pip.  About what you'd expect from a 40 year old horn
that was used consistantly by a player (he's now exclusively a bari player, so he's asked us to sell this horn for him).  Comes
in a Pro-Tec form fitted case in good condition.  No mouthpiece or strap included.  Please check out the photos, as they show
the horn as I've described it.